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Speech Recognition

Developing a speech recognition system is not just about simply slapping up any voice controller IC. Although it would work, accuracy is what makes ours different from the rest out there. It starts with proper chip selection all the way up to the right optimization techniques.

Cutting-edge Circuitry

Minimizing the cost should be of concern, but that shouldn't be the only one. Always relying on the cheapest circuit components may sometimes turn out to be the causes of not getting the results. So we don't hesitate to take the expensive route if the need arises.

Richer IDEs

We have developed an extensive skillet and expertise in working with the most popular Development Environments such as ATMEL Studio, Arduino, MP Lab, AVRdude, Keil and more. Because, just being familiar isn't enough! You can't simply ignore this.


We take robotic projects seriously to the extend that it should not resemble those electro mechanical machines put for sale in hobby centers. If you look at our existing projects, you realize how the design and construction are seamless to each other.


Developing and making something work inside the lab tells only a part of the story. Mechanics with circuit-friendly packaging completes it. And failing to do this explains why even some of the good designs suck in the outdoors. We are concerned about that too.


Artificial Intelligence is not about adding a ton of different kinds of sensors. At the same time, failing to make use of them in the right places cause you to miss a great deal of intelligence. So sensor-based projects are something we do with limits.



Our designing methodology strives for one thing, simplicity. We follow it with cost-effectiveness and precision. The design ideas will be discussed with the client prior to development thereby instilling confidence.


We start with the end in mind! But our development strategy is all about rigorous testing and troubleshooting to make sure that nothing goes wrong with the product under any circumstances. Yes, you heard it right!


We provide hands-on training through out the completion of the project, which means you won't be left clueless in the middle of complexity. Every module we build from scratch will be transparently taught to you.


Besides delivering academic project guidance, we have a handful of our own product ideas and light-weight prototypes that are yet to be launched into the consumer market. And you will be seeing some of them real soon.

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a little about us

Trilacious is a young start-up aimed at delivering one-of-the-kind digital products solely based on the academic and industrial project requirements. We know how much of a hassle it is till you end up with a fully functional product, even if you have the coolest idea(s) in mind. We have been there once; hence we know exactly what could be the potential problems you deal with.

Tell us your ideas and requirements and we will help you build the products. Transparency guaranteed.

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